Central Plains Water – Are stage two construction shares for you?

Central Plains Water has delivered the first water to Stage One in September 2015.  The prospectus for Stage Two construction shares is to be issued in early 2016.

CPW is after indicative construction share purchase intentions from shareholders by November 2015 and a firm commitment in response to the prospectus when it is issued.

If you are contemplating taking up Stage Two shares you need to allow time to plan and undertake economic analysis of the options for your land, engage with your accountant, farm consultant, and bank to see the likely changes in returns from irrigating.

You will also need some initial design and costing work done to determine the scope and cost of the on-farm assets required. Once this work is done you will have an idea of the area able to be economically irrigated and be able to create detailed budgets for the capital expenditure. You will also need to prepare a detailed post development status quo budget to confirm the viability of the development.

Once the planning and budgeting work is done you will be in a position to discuss finance with your bank and make the commitment to CWP.

We are keen to help with this process and can work with your advisors or help you form a team to do the work. Give us a call or email to get underway.