Health and Safety

H&SHealth and safety is about looking after people – workers, contractors, visitors, yourself and your family.  The changes to the law which came into force on 4 April 2016 affect all people involved in the business.  Have you been too scared to look?  Today might be a good time to take a look and plan to make your business compliant with the new laws – it might not be the huge task you imagine.

Getting started:  Have a look here to see what the changes are and what you’ll need to do to comply.

Need the forms and templates for your Health and Safety plan and folder:  Look here for guidance and forms.  Your industry may be in the Information and Guidance section under Guidance by Industry.  There are good practice guidelines here which you can use to check your knowledge and skills and also provide to staff if required.

The Tools and Resources section gives examples of forms and templates as well as guidance for writing H&S documents for your business.

Farming: If you have a farming business there is a specific website to help you make a plan, keep it current and provide all the information and guidelines you may need.  Visit it here There is also some good information on the Dairy NZ website specifically for dairy farms here

If it’s all too daunting for you then consider paying someone to help you.  It will be much cheaper than defending yourself if someone suffers serious harm on your place and you are subject to an investigation.